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Goo Goo G'joob.

We put in pre-dawn and started with vibrating jigs along hydrilla edges, nothing. At first light, we fished a shallow flat with buzz-bait and whopper-plopper, nothing. Pretty sunrise and we pulled crankbaits across weedtops. Any guesses? Yeah, nothing.

We resorted to soft-plastics and we started boating cutie-pies and fun-fishes with WW Senkos and TR Grande Bass Megatails.

We ran uplake and started up a shoreline of stick-ups again with vibrating jigs. I caught a fun-fish at the beginning of this shoreline on my Picasso bladed hair jig and Todd caught a giant 'Goo on the Jackhammer, just like he did last weekend!

We ran downlake and found grass in the mainlake. We caught a few more on soft plastics. Off at 1pm. Go Astros!
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