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Yesterday, I slumbered until the grumbles of thunder came only from the east. I consulted the (KXAN fake) radar for the all clear and hit the road. The lake pavilion was busy with preparations for an epilepsy foundation 5K, but these folks were very nice about keeping ramp access clear and open. Right!

I made my way across to the south shore and cast out my wake-bait. A gizzard shad tried to school up on my wake bait and got foul-hooked. I reached into my dry-box for a camera to capture the moment. I saw I forgot the smart-phone with radar, so I went back across to the north ramp parking lot to get the 'droid from the truck. Oops!

I felt better having the radar and I went back across to the south. I thought I saw lightning flash in the corner of my eye and I listened for thunder but did not hear any. I anchored up and saw the western sky was darkening. I opened the radar app and saw west of I-35 was covered with bolt icons. Yikes!

I cranked the troller to eleven and headed back north. Near the dam, I hailed another boater with kids aboard. He asked if I was fishing. I told him, "No, lightning is coming." and he followed me to the ramp. As we beached our watercraft, lightning hit north near my subdivision. My 'droid started ringing. I laughed and told the other boater that it was my wife calling to tell me to get the hell off the water. Whew!

I dropped the boat off and went to BPS RR to get a couple of Igloo Legend 1 gallon water jugs for work. I stopped and visited with Austin at the reel counter. I stuck around to watch him feed the fish, pretty cool. BPS was pretty crowded with guys like me who looked like they'd rather be fishing. On impulse, I decided to buy only one Legend jug and spend the rest of my money on a BPS 18" drift sock.

This morning, the front was pushing hard. This was perfect to try my new drift sock. I deployed the sock and started ripping grass. I caught three short fish on the El-trap on the maiden drift. I trolled back north, excited to slow-drift the grass again.

At copperhead cove, I put the sock in the water, saw the tether slip from the cleat and watched as the drift sock sank out of sight towards the bottom of the lake. Bye-bye drift sock! I marked a way-point in 6 FOW. I'll have three days next weekend to dive for it. Three years ago, I salvaged my lost anchor in 12 FOW, so I'm optimistic about finding the sock.

I anchored and caught four senko fish and then went home.
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