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I kayaked Lake Pflugerville Tuesday ahead of the front. The fish were tight to cover until the sun went behind a cloud. Then the cloud started shooting lightening bolts. I checked the fake radar and and it turned out the thundercloud was real. I went to the ramp. Four fish on the day. I was happy as this was the first time I'd been on Pflugerville in a yak.

I took windy Wednesday off but I was back yakkin on Thursday. Again, I caught four. Beautiful sunset! Since the boat ramp is out of commission, I've been accessing the water at the swim beach. Thursday evening I beached and a park patron demanded that I perform a zebra mussel wipedown on the yak right there at the water's edge. What a weirdo. I assured him that I would not spread the mussels.

This morning I launched into The 'Bird around 6am. I dropped all my gear close to the edge of the ramp and parked. As I was rigging the Pond Prowler, a bass boat launched. The guy driving the truck accelerated his four wheel drive and soaked me and my gear with the wake from the trailer. He parked and walked down the ramp. I told him what he'd done and he immediately apologized and asked if I was OK.

I told him one of my socks was wet. He turned and started walking back up to his truck stating that he would give a pair of socks from his truck. I was really impressed by his gesture and I told him I'd be alright but thanks anyway.

The fishing started slow but I kept looking and eventually caught six. As a bonus, I caught a vividly colored yellowbelly. Off at 1pm.
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