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The weather looked so good this afternoon with the "cold front" and all. I made a rare after-work trip to Pflugie. The park was full of Juneteenth celebrators and everyone else.

The moss monster is back. I guess it cut a swath last Friday for the triathletes. I hope it goes away again.

Three amigos in a rental canoe capsized in the middle of the lake as I put in. I towed the rental concession worker out to the men, who were doing all they could to keep the beer from floating away from their battered styrofoam cooler. I was half way towing them back in when I noticed the insulation melting off the battery leads. My effort was appreciated, and they paddled the rest of the way to the ramp.

I stopped at the first grass after unhooking the small craft. I pitched the grass with TR and got a nice three and a half on my third cast. I made the rounds and got some smaller fish on weightless texposed senko.

A slight breeze from the NE was so nice. I went back to pitching the TR and got another good'un. I released the fish and went in.
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