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Yesterday my son asked to go fishing with me. We put in pre-dawn and I dominated the catch early and often. I tried my best to put my son in position to get a bite, but yesterday wasn't his day. On the plus side, he began to successfully cast weightless wacky senko with the baitcaster.

I was surprised when we got home and my son told me he was looking forward to going back to the lake with me. We got up early and put in pre-dawn. I gave him the baitcaster and he flipped the script on me. He got two bites and one to the boat while I zilched.

Since I wasn't getting bit I moved us out deeper into some hydrilla. My son picked up his spinning rod which comes with some pedigree. The rod was just plain biil's, who sold it to langlowe9, who gifted it to me and I passed it down to my son. He used this rod recently to do some bay fishing and he really likes it.

He was sitting and twitching his bait when a bream jumped out of the water and splashed him. He flinched and I started laughing. He asked why the fish jumped and I said a bass must have been chasing it.

My son said, "I'm going to catch that bass" and dropped straight down under the boat. My thought was that he was out of the strike zone, but boy was I wrong.

Presently he said, "I got him!" and reeled in a nice Largemouth from under the boat. I never caught a single fish today but I couldn't have been on a better fishing trip.
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