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Such nice long warm balmy sunny evenings! How can you not go fishing? Well I went on Monday and I got some bites. It was good to get on the water for a couple hours.

Yesterday looked to be like another Monday but I went anyway. The skies were mostly sunny, but the wind was from the north. Same...but different.

Instead of going south, I went west and anchored up on a grass patch. Very first cast I got a bite, but the squeaker came off halfway to the boat. I thought, that's alright found them on the first cast.

I tossed my lure right back in there. I got that intangible "spidey-sense" feeling so I r'ared back and got a good hookset. This brute was pissed and he slapped the hull all along the waterline but I got him. My second cast and I got a stud five pound five ounce largemouth. "Now that's a fish!"
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