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I got on the water at 4:30pm. The wind varied from light S to stout outflow SW. I fished a senko semi-shallow. I caught a couple of short fish after three hours on the water. The sun disappeared behind a thunderhead to the west and the wind died off. I pulled the anchor and drifted and cast at visible grass.

I felt a tap, reeled down and r'ared back. The fish surged out and nearly pulled me over the side! I was happy to battle this beast to the boat. I CPR'd and headed to the ramp.

Last Saturday morning, I went fishing at a pier in Galveston Bay. My son and I caught some menhaden in the cast net on the way there. We posted up on the lee Tee-head. My son caught eight short Gafftopsail Catfish. He also caught a small stingray.

We were messing around with the bait bucket when I heard a clatter. I turned around and saw one of rods being pulled over the rail. Luckily the reel handle hung up on the rail. I grabbed it felt weight and immediately handed the rod to my son. He did good, but I'm guessing it was a huge stingray that sucked down on the bottom and snapped the line. We'll get him next time.
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