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I pulled up to the ramp and saw the two kayak rental workers sitting on their butts. The narrow one lane ramp was blocked with a large paddleboard and two kayaks.

I hollered through the passenger window, “Move your s*** off the ramp.”

They stacked the watercraft on the courtesy dock pretty much still in the way. Sigh. I launched at 5pm and made turns for the stump.

I located the stump on the sonar and dropped a marker bouy. I anchored upwind and settled on station. Right away, I caught three cutie-pies from the stump. I missed a couple and then bites stopped coming. I threw the spinnerbait and got a strike but no hook-up. I cast the spinnerbait again and snagged on the wood. I pulled the anchor and retrieved my spinnerbait ( the Kraken).

I set the anchor a little closer to the pond weed and caught a couple more. Off at 7pm.
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