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The ramp was opened so I was gonna be a Day Wunner. The guys putting in behind me were very excited. I stated finding the bass would be challenging. The man said, ”Easy just fish the grass edge.“

I said, “I guess you haven’t heard. The city poisoned the lake. There is no grass.“

I had been out here sonarless in the yak last week. Last weekend at Lady Bird, my Humminbird sonar unit cable broke. I rigged up my old black and white Lowrance for the Pond Prowler. To confirm the hydrilla is gone, I looked in 6-15 FOW on the sonar and saw no grass. I looked for hard spots, its the only cover remaining. Even the normally hardy pondweed is completely brown and dead.

I hauled water from 3:30 pm to 7:00 pm, with the exception of a sunfish caught from a stump on drop-shot. Finally at seven, I caught a random cutie-pie while reeling back a TR senko in 10 feet of murky, algae green water. Worn out, I went to the ramp.
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