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We put in at dawn and trolled across. The south shore crowded up with families enjoying the great pastime of fishing. The emcee of the KidFish derby hollered out, "Are you ready to go fishing?" over the PA. I joined the replying chorus with a loud whoop.

We drifted the outside edge eased along by the light SW breeze. We lit 'em up. The bass must have been there feeding on the stocked fish for the event. We left them biting around 10AM, as we both had to leave early for prior commitments.

We got to the ramp and saw Jacob carry the winning bass to the livewell. He won the bass division with a very fat seventeen incher. Todd and I bagged good'uns, too!

Earlier last week, I rode my bicycle down to the neighborhood pond. Its been a couple months since I fished here. I've got options like wading and yakking so it was good to do some bike angling. I bagged a fatty out of the flippin' tree on a shim-e-stick.
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