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I launched the Pond Prowler at 4PM into stockstill Pflugie. Water is the color of peasoup and dead grass is everywhere. Bait is fizzing the surface everwhere. I had to finesse fish, but I got good practice at it Sunday. I caught a nice near four pounder on a weightless straight tail worm.

I hauled in more withered hydrilla after tossing a weightless wacky senko at the outside edge in 16FOW. I grabbed the dead grass to throw it overboard and I did a double take. I had what I believe to be a zebra mussel.

The dead hydrilla stalk must make a great attachment point for a zebra mussel, so the lake should be fully infested in short order. The good news is the mussels will clear the murky weedless mudhole. The bad news is that I'll have to use braid from here on out. That damn mussel is sharp. Off at 6PM.
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