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This morning, I slept in or woke up early depending on how you time it. I listened for and heard wind chimes. Then I heard an exhaust fan damper thump and I knew the cold front was here. I stepped outside and considered the conditions.

Since I haven't gone to "the steps" this year, I contemplated going shoulder to shoulder for some sand bass. But largemouth fishing is a lot more fun. So I bundled up and headed for the mud-hole known as Lake Pfork.

I had the lake to myself, so I speedy drifted and covered a lot of water. I've heard that a cold front will negatively impact the bite, but found that not to be true today. I drifted up shallow and I got one on my salvaged spinnerbait (more on that in yesterday's thread.)

I got on another tack, and got the pattern. For the rest of the morning, I alternated between spinnerbait and squarebill. The squarebill was the clear winner, and I got a good'un that was couple ounces shy of five pounds.

The Uncle Buck's Pond Prowler's hull filled up with water and the group 27 Walmart battery was near depletion. I left them biting and bumped back to the ramp into the wind. I paused just before the ramp and made a last cast with the squarebill. Bam, Fish on!
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