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Superbowl Sunday brings a special memory for me. In 2013, after not fishing for nearly ten years, I rediscovered my passion on Super Sunday at a neighborhood pond. I'm a fully obsessed bass angler now. Which brings us to today.

I dropped in to a deserted Lake Pflugerville this morning as dawn was breaking. I trolled the Uncle Buck's Pond Prowler to the middle of the lake. I fished an outside hydrilla edge while the sun came up. No bites, so I weighed anchor and headed for the south shore.

I cast hardbaits for the first hour. I got one each on Shadow Rap, DT-6, and Rat-L-Trap. I gave up on ripping grass and cast out a Texas-rigged Super Speed Craw and caught three fish.

I looked for a spot similar to what Todd and I had found at Bastrop: an outside hydrilla edge in 25 FOW. I posted up and cast drop-shot. The bites started and then kept coming. I was pretty stoked. I stayed anchored at this spot for three hours and caught fourteen largemouth.

I drifted up shallow to rip some grass, but that didn't work out. Plan B was to throw Texas-rigged Googan 10" ribbontail. I caught five on the worm on the inside edge of the hydrilla. I moved to an outside edge and resumed drop-shotting. The wind was really stout now, blowing full honk out of the south. I let out a lenghty rode and my anchor held me nicely windward of the edge. I caught four more on drop-shot and went to the ramp. Off at 1:00 P.M.
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