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Unit sells for around $425 new.....However, has been discountinued...Still a great Color LCD in my opinion....

Lowrance X102C Features:


5.0" (12.7cm) diagonal 256-color, liquid crystal TFT display
High-detail 480x480 pixel resolution
Wide viewing angles in all light conditions
Fluorescent cold-cathode screen and keypad backlighting
6 background color choices
Performance Features

Depth penetration to 900 feet (275 m)
2,400 watts peak-to-peak power
FlashGraf LCD flasher+sonar graph with COLORLINE
Adjustable ping speed automatically engages HyperScroll for locating fish targets at higher boat speeds
FasTrack vertical flasher bar
Overlay data
Standard sonar features - Advanced Signal Processing (ASP), COLORLINE, Advanced Fish Symbol I.D., FishTrack, multi-zoom options, sonar alarms, backup memory, and more
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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