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[highlight]If Brian does not want it, PM me...Is this the unit below?[/highlight]

Lowrance LCX15MT - Combo Unit with 50/200kHZ transducer
Display << Huge 7" (17.8 cm) diagonal Monochrome Transflective FSTN LCD Programmable 10-level grayscale Incredible 480x350 (w x h) resolution - 168,000 pixels total Advanced cold cathode backlighting Multiple full- and split-screen sonar/GPS optionsSonar/Sounder << Dual-frequency 50-200 kHz selectivity Up to 1,000 watts RMS (8,000 watts peak-to-peak) power Depth range to 3,000 feet (915 m) and beyond FishReveal[ch65533] feature exposes fish targets hidden in cover with 10 levels of gray scale HyperScroll[ch65533] displays fish targets at higher boat speeds Complete with special Lowrance features including programmable "Windows", GRAYLINE[ch65533], Advanced Signal Processing (ASP[ch65533]), FasTrack[ch65533], Advanced Fish Symbol I.D.[ch65533], FishTrack[ch65533], and moreGPS/Mapping << Precision 12-parallel channel GPS/WAAS receiver WAAS supported with software version 2.2 or higher MapCreate[ch65533] custom mapping software. (optional) 1,000 waypoints/1,000 event markers/100 routes/100 waypoints per route 10 savable plot trails/10,000 points per trail 37 map zoom ranges, 0.05[ch65533]4,000 miles Compatible with optional Navioncs[ch65533] and HotMaps[ch65533] electronic charts.Recording << Advanced digital recording/playback of sonar graph and GPS details[ch65533]plus custom map uploading[ch65533]with reusable Multi-Media Cards

MSRP: $1199.00
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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