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Lowrance Electronics

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I may be upgrading my electronics.  If so I will be putting up for sale my LCX 25C sonar/GPS and 332C sonar/GPS.  They are networked and share one antenna.  The 332 will have a trolling motor transducer.  I'm not sure whether I'll be able to uninstall the transducer for the 25C.  So a buyer might have to buy a transducer.

Both units work well.  Thought I'd post here to see if anyone is interested before I make my upgrade decision.  It will likely be a couple weeks before I can get them uninstalled for sale.

Drop me a note or an IM if you have interest.

Some of the new stuff I'm ordering is backordered, so it will likely be mid/late march before this gear is uninstalled from the boat. I can post an update at that time.****
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I'm thinking $900 for everything, but it may depend whether the transducer for the 25c can be uninstalled. Won't know for sure until I take the stuff off the boat.
Ranger pls shoot me a pm with contact info- I have an interested party that wants to call you.

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