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I have a used, but not abused Loomis CBR903 Crankbait rod I'm selling for $120, less than 1/2 of the new cost.  If you've never fished the CBR903, it is a great crankbait rod for eveything from 1/4 oz Small As to 3/4 oz Traps.  It's my favorite OTC crankbait rod.

Loomis Crankbait Casting 903 7'6" Med
Taper Line Wt    Lure Wt.  Price
Moderate Fast 10-20lb   1/4-3/4oz $245.00
CBR903C, Line Weight: 8-17 lbs. Moderate/Fast Action. This is a long range cranking rod with the ability to throw lipless cranks a LONG way and the soft tip to allow the bait to work correctly.

The first rods in Loomis's specialty rod lineup were the Crankbait Rods. A good crankbait rod needs to be relatively soft with a moderate mid-flex action that will not tear the lure away from the fish before it has a chance to get the bait securely. It also needs to be forgiving enough to not tear the hooks out when the fish lunges, especially near the boat. For many anglers the perfect crankbait rod used to be made of fiberglass. That was before G. Loomis blended a variety of graphites to make a rod with just the right action. With the sensitivity of graphite you can have the correct action to cast your crankbait, you can feel brush, rocks and the lightest strike, and you can successfully land your fish. Another big advantage is that the G. Loomis Crankbait rod is much lighter than the old fiberglass rods, so when you're on a good crank bite you can throw it for the whole tournament without wearing yourself out. These rods shine for ripping jerkbaits or working topwaters like Sammys or Zara Spooks, as well as tearing lipless crankbaits through the grass. We offer the entire lineup of Crankbait Rods with actions that work with any bait from tiny "finesse" cranks to deep, bottom dredgers like DD22's and heavy swimbaits. Try a Loomis Crankbait Rod and feel the difference.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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