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I have a 12V 24 lb trust motorguide foot controlled trolling motor that I would like to trade for hand control model. my trolling motor is a model 725 weedless with brand new prop. works great just with the way my boat is designed I think a hand control one would be easierto control. if interested let me know. I also have an older motorguide 24V foot controlled trolling motor that I can either include it with the other one for a nice hand controled trolling motor or trade by itself . the older one worked when removed and we can hook it up to make sure it still does but it has been in storage so it should be fine. I was thinking that if anyone would be interested in a trade we could trade just motors so no one would have to remove their bow mount. I will post pictures when i can thank you for looking. I used the trolling motor for a while this weekend with no issues.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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