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Bad weather, bad fishing and bad turnout yesterday on Belton. 11 teams fought the cold and fog.

1st Daniel Barnes 9.38lbs  ($1,200 C&P)
2nd Andy Nuyen Robby Crabb 6.01lbs ($879 C&P)
3rd Dean Jones Chris Nors 5.15lbs ($150 C&P)

Conrats to Andy and Crabby on the 6.01 Big Bass that took both BB and 2nd place today. Thanks to all who fought through brutal conditions to come out and compete.

11 Teams
$1760.00 Paid In
$2,229.00 Paid Out C&P
135% Payout

Well done Daniel on the solo win and the nice 4+lb smallie.

Pictures and information posted here:

See everyone at Lake Conroe in March. The fishing and the turnout should be much improved.

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Thanks Mark and Brad!

This is the best darn payout I have seen in the $150 entry fee range. The weather and fishing completely sucked but the event was top notch.

Mark and his crew have busted their ass putting together one of the best trails I've participated in. No one can complain about the payouts and there are very few trails out there that can even come close. Even the prizes with LSS are top notch and products you may actually use - who else is awarding $369.00 rods on top of a 100% side pot?

Only 11 teams showed up but at the end of the day Robby and I still managed to take home a second place check for $400.00, a Big Bass check for $110.00 and a $369.00 Power Tackle rod...that's plain sick.

If anyone is on the fence about this trail get off it. Conroe and Livingston may be a stretch but Waco is just up the road from us. Hopefully it wont be 12' high and 30 degrees when we fish it in April.

Our coverage will be up shortly on

See you in March on Conroe Mark!

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Thanks guys, brutal is right. Andy and I had 2 bites all day. Andy had a 2+ come unbuttoned in a tree on a Senko and I was lucky enough to fool the 6lber on a black n blue Jarod jig.

To take home $510 bucks and Power Tackle Rod ($359) for second and BB is unheard of for 11 boats. What other proof is needed.

Looking forward to Conroe, it has got to be better than Belton/Stillhouse at this point.
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