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After I finished up with Christmas stuff, I hit L.A. for the evening. I fished the same 3 spots I always fish when I go out there, since there always seems to be fish there.

1st spot, boated one keeper. 2nd spot is a hump in the middle of the lake, it's 11-13 Ft around this hump and comes up to 6ft and caught my limit here. Moved from there to another spot and boated another keeper, 6th keeper so far, and really got into the dinks, but did notice a 5lber cruising around this spot. I spooked him.

Caught all fish in 6 to 15 FOW on Shaky Head Rattlesnake or Zoom Shaky Head Worm, Both worked well. I was surprised to see these fish so active.... Water temp was 54-55 degrees.

Biggest fish was around 3lbs. Limited out around 10-11 lbs. Haven't caught a limit out there in a long time.

The lake was pretty much Deserted except for 3 kayakers. Fished near Quinland.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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