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Body of Water:Lady Bird Lake (Town Lake)
Weather Conditions: Clear
Water Conditions:clear 5-7ft
Date(s) Fished: 6/6/09 6am to 10am

Details of Trip:Launched the yak behind Austin High. Picked up 2 right away on the waker. Both were about 2lbs. Continued to throw the waker with no other hits. switched over to a dropshot rigged rattle snake. Got pounded a couple of times in a laydown that I was fishing but came up empty both times. Picked up the rod that was rigged with a big 'ol nasty spinner bait and thew up on the shoreline for a while, no takers. Turned around and started to throw towards the middle...about the 3rd cast I got hammered and landed the fatty below. Had a few other hits on the spinnerbait but they were more of slaps than anything else. There were a ton of Shad out there and fish were breaking water all over. Also threw a jerkbait for a while with no takers, but had plenty of followers. By 10am every rowing team in the city of Austin had zipped by me so it was time to get off the water. All in all, not a bad day.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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