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When: August 2nd, 2008
Where: Lady Bird Lake. Launch at Austin High School Ramp
Time: 9PM-6AM
Cost: $25.00 ($20.00 entry, $5.00 big bass)
Payout: 100% Paying 3 Places based on 20 or more kayaks
Rules: Longest 5 fish meaured, Catch, Photograph, Release. 14" minimum. A codeword will be given out at the ramp, which must be included in the pictures to verify the fish was caught that night.

Come join us for the first annual Performance Kayak Fishing Series overnight kayak tournament on LBL! More info will be posted soon, such as the exact times. Please show up, this will be a fun event. Come and join us for some fun, and some hog catching!  ;D

For more info, see
Go to Forum, then go to Events.

NOTE: This event is not hosted by Austin Kayak Fishing. It is run by a member named MrTube or Tubejerker on AKF. They are his series called PKF.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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