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Launched the Yak right at 7am with 2 other yaks at the Holiday Inn ramp. They had the pedal kayaks, making me a bit jealous of the speed and positioning. Not sure if it's worth the extra weight and hassle. Very light breeze, water stained. Headed west on the North bank. Started out with a few nibbles on drop shot and ned rig. Things started to pick up as I approached Waller Creek. Was coming around a willow tree that was on the water and through the drop shot to the far side of the tree and got bit immediately. Fish started to pull drag and trying to get back under the tree and pulled me into the branches. Was able to get it in my landing net and into the boat. Good times. Ended up with 6, with 2 good'uns see the pics and one feisty long-eared sunfish. 4 on the drop shot 2 on the ned rig. No action on lipless or TR. All caught in 4-10ft. Off at 11.


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