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Fished sunset both days, for roughly 1.5 hours each evening.

9/11: caught some fun 2lb fish then landed this nice one after sundown.

Jaw Fish Tail Reptile Snout

7" curly tailed worm on a jig flung near an overhang about 15 minutes after I launched. Felt the fish take it then luckily it swam out to open water as my drag started screaming. 5.43lbs. Released that fish and as it got dark I hooked a larger fish on a much larger worm on drop shot. This one was pissed, and basically burned my drag on my cheap spinning reel (I promptly went home and ordered a much nicer reel). It made a jump about 5 feet from my kayak and I could tell this fish was big and landing it with my net was going to be a chore. Shortly thereafter (4 seconds but felt like eternity) the rod went limp. My FC leader broke above the drop shot hook.

Learned to check my leaders after landing a big fish. I suspect the previous fish did a number on it and it was weakened.

Gesture Human leg Fish Art Tail

Water Photograph Light Liquid Fluid
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