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Parked behind the infamous hoopty at 6:40, had the yak on the water by 6:50am. Breezy and the water was stained. I was concerned about the breeze pushing my yak around (check) and that Jeremy had caught all bass (mostly check). Headed west on the north bank. Struggled for the first 30 min. No acton on dropshot, TR, or child rig. Got to a little cove that I usually find fish in and remembered I head tied on a little swim bait on a jig. Through it at the bank and bang as soon as I started reeling something slammed it hard. I kept reeling and a good looking jumped and through my hook. I threw it back to the spot felt a tug and this time set the hook hard into a lay down. Oh well. Made it to Waller and turned back around fighting the wind to the Holiday Inn ramp. Thought I was going to be blanked, but was able to land 2 good size fish on a child rig that made my morning. Both were in less than 4 ft of water under over hangs and both took a satisfying amount of line from my small spinning reel. I can't get enough of that sound. Caught one more fun fish. Off at 10:30.

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