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Walked the banks by shoal creek from 6:15 to 8:30pm. Throwing a lepoard colored frog, drop shot, weightless senko, t-rig . Picked up one on senko and one on the paddle tail. I am on a mission to get my first frog fish, but in my laziness I left a 12# flouro leader on my frog setup. So when a I get a blow up over the weeds in front of the rock steps and waited patiently to set the hook I broke off. Lesson learned. I tied on a pop'n perch but no more bites.

6/18 - Launched from Holiday at 6:50am and headed west on north bank. Slight breeze, water stained, visibility was probably 2-3 ft. Throwing a white and chartreuse walking frog close to some tall grass and bang landed my first frog fish, finally. Just a cutie, pie but still fun. Missed 2 more that were probably too small. Then caught a very aggressive red ear on a paddle tail (see pic). Caught 2 on the drop shot (including largest, maybe 1.5#) and one on senko. Off at 10:45.



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