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Launched Sat morning from the Austin High Ramp. Water was very stained, cloudy, light breeze. Launched with a pedal Yak'er who had a spill last week. I was extra careful and launched safely at 7:30. Started east bound on south bank. Decided not to use drop shot an work on other techniques. Caught a fun fish on black T-rig. No action on small spinner, small jerk bait and fluke. Made the turn at Barton Creek to the north bank and headed west. Tied on a drop shot. Caught 3 good size fish. The largest attached, maybe 3 lb. Off at 10:30

On Sunday, decided to try to launch from Red Bud. 7:30 water stained, light breeze. Started with a drop shot, lost It on a snag. switched to a power shot (small EWG and TX rig the plastic), that worked better. Caught 3 cutie pies on that rig. No action on chatterbait, Ol'monster ( although I had something bite the tail off) and lost one on a child rig. I may give up on Red Bud for a while.



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