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A little delayed on this one, sorry folks.

Good day, wind was tolerable, fairly clear water. Smaller fish, most on green pumpkin senkos, SoCoSkunked's official Bass Lure Of Ladybird Lake, mostly around your typical cover. Was getting picked and poked with a floating minnow under bridge pilings, but they were all shorts. Threw a frog for a little, too, but I think the fish on this lake may be a little too spooked by lake traffic to crush topwaters, especially as the light picks up and the day wears on.

1) GP senko, wacky, north bank.
2) GP senko, texas rigged, north bank.
3) Original F9 Rapala Floating Minnow, bridge pilings.
4) GP senko, texas rigged, south bank.
5) GP senko, texas rigged, south bank, and the largest of the day at 14in (womp).
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