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Hot day, but no rain for a couple days now meant the water had cleared up and the worm bite was bound to be good. And so it was. 78 surface temp that fell to 73 as I was pulling the boat out around 8:30pm.

Pushed out of the slip just after 6pm and with a moderate breeze blowing straight through from I-35, under the bridges and out towards Hill Country, conditions were perfect for drifting in front of all the lay downs that line the north and south shores. I think the tall cypress and oak along the shore line really funnel wind through LBL. Started on the south bank, did a heavy paddle back to the dock, and covered the north bank with another drift. Reminds me of drifting Jersey back bays for striper.

Every fish caught on green pumpkin senko, texas rigged weightless, and skipped under overhangs to wood structure.

1. South bank, dink.
2. South bank, dink.
3. North bank, stud, and first fish to weigh on the new Berkley scale. 2lbs 4oz.
4. Waller Creek.
5. North bank
6. North bank, and another chunk at 2-6.

Low light levels really make them pop on LBL after the crowds start to move off, last four fish were all within an hour or so of each other.
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