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Got out for the evening, launched at 515pm and pulled at 745pm. Water was 76 everywhere, better visibility than this morning and no water release happening.

Found some fish feeding on shad and watched a buddy catch on a crank, so I pulled out the A-rig, something I havent fished since earlier this year. First cast, bang. Good fish with a full belly of shad I assume. Caught a few small ones after but all came off before boating. 1 real solid short strike and had schools of 1lb bass chasing it to the kayak on at least a handful of retrieves.

The bite seemed to die off quick around 630pm but I made my way down the west bank to a shallow cove. Throwing the deps 250, I slowed the retrieve down a lot, letting it glide back and forth, almost pausing it before another reel handle turn. I looked over at my buddy and said something and felt a thump. I look to my lure which was about 10 feet from me and a really nice, likely 8+lb bass was mid-turn with it in its mouth. Got the fish to the net and got lazy, trying to lift it into the net instead of dipping the net. Fish hurled the 6.5oz swimbait and was gone. Shoot.

Saw the biggest gar ive spotted in town lake cruise just by me in 4 feet of water. It must have been close to 4 feet long.

Overall, fun night. Tons of people beating the banks fishing around redbud.

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