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First posting ever...This is cool, and you guys have really helped me get acquainted with fishing this area.  Thanks for the informative posts...
Water 65deg, clear way down about 4-5ft.  Headed to S. Lamar from IH35 southbound ramp.  Our trolling motor crapped out at about the S. 1st bridge.  About 4pm we tied to the 2nd Northwest concrete support, and dropped a couple of free swimming medium to large minnows...on the shaded side.  I didn't catch anything but a buzz, but my wife caught a strong 1lb bass, then pulled in a healthy 3-4 pounder.  I estimated the weight due to not having a scale.  BOTH bit gently but fought a hard fight.  I caught a stick!  We released them all, as eating the fish or sticks from LBL seems to be a really bad idea.  While paddling back into the wind, it occurred to us that even the misfortune of a crapped out trolling motor couldn't ruin a perfectly beautiful day of fishing.  SO eventually we hooked up with Christi/TXPWD game warden in the blue kayak.  She had the bright idea of "YES" towing us in with her kayak.  Well I'm here to tell ya, a 14ft jon boat with one paddle/arm moves pretty fast with the added effort.  We made it in well before dark, and thanks to Christi our day of fishing was pretty dang successful.
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