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Launched second from the Holiday in ramp at sunrise, 7:40am. Very windy, light stain on the water. Wind was coming right in my face as I peddled up river. Weather report said windy and cloudy. So I started with GP Spinner bait, black popping frog, black drop shot and a black TR brush hog. Made it all the way to Waller Creek with one maybe bite. Weather report was wrong only partly cloudy. Set down my anchor by a lay down and switched to a bold bluegill on drop shot a GP ned rig. The wind scooted me back in no time. Picked up 2 on drop shot and 2 on ned rig, the last one about 50 yards from the ramp in 3 feet of water. That was the best one. Tough morning, but I will take it. Also I learned 14mph wind is the limit for me on the yak. Off at 11:00.


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