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A quick double feature. Took advantage of the good weather and some free time and hit the Austin High ramp, launching right at sunset on Wed 12/29. Launched with an young guy who drove in 1.5hrs to fish LBL. I wished him well and headed to the south bank and turned east toward Barton Creek. Long story short: pretty morning threw all the usual lures and got skunked for the first time in a long time.

Licked my wounds and went out on Jan 1. Happy New Year to all. Went to the Holiday Inn ramp and launched a bit late almost 8. Light breeze, water clarity
Water Water resources Lake Body of water Fisherman

was good. Slow start then good a little guy on the drop shot under a lay down. Picked up 2 more then made the turn back just shy of Waller Creek. Pick up 2 more, one on shaky head and one on Childs rig. All basically the same size as the pic, except for one cutie pie. Nothing of size, but still phone to pick up 5 on a short trip. Off at 11.

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