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Good to hear that I am not the only one having tough outings. 12/29 decided to launch Festival boat ramp at 7:45. It was dark and calm, water stained. Headed to south bank and then east toward the island. No action on frog, or paddle tail. No bites for the first 1.5 hrs. As the sun got higher I switched to bold bluegill on the DS. Lost one caught 2 by the island. One more on ned rig on way to ramp. Off at noon.

12/31 Holiday in ramp 7:45. Headed west on north bank., Again blanked for the first hour. No action on frog, keitech or ned rig. Through the ned rig under willow tree and landed a fun fish. As I neared Waller threw the DS under an overhang and bang hooked and landed a very thick LMB, apparently he also over ate during the holidays. No more action on way back to ramp. Off at 11:15.

1/1 Got a little stir crazy and wanted to take advantage of nice weather. Went down to the area near Texas Rowing Center to throw some lures in the water and stretch my legs while walking the bank. Switched to June bug trick worm on DS as the sun set and caught a good one right of the dock. 4:45-6pm


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