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Launched at redbud isle 1:30pm, got out at 6:45pm.

Mostly just picked away at small fish on drop shot and a few on texas rig, got to mopac and turned around. Was a nice afternoon floating around in the sun.

Close to returning to the launch I caught the largest fish of the trip on drop shot, with a 7" red watermelon worm. 4.7lbs.

I didnt take photos of 10 or so fish, all similar sizes as the small ones below. So, all in all, caught about 15, fun times.

Water Sky Fisherman Fish Lake

Water Vertebrate Fisherman Body of water Fish

Water Vertebrate Sky Mammal Body of water

Water Vertebrate Fin Lake Body of water

Water Sky Vertebrate Body of water Fish

Water Vertebrate Fisherman Organism Lake

Hand Glove Dress Neck Sleeve

Water Liquid Fluid Lake Sky

Water Fisherman Organism Mammal Watercourse
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