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In 5pm, out 930pm

Launched and didnt get a bite until around 6. Tried nearly everything in the tackle box. I was thinking I was getting the skunk as I reluctantly headed back to the launch. It was a nice evening I thought, at least.

Giving it one more try before hauling out, I tied on what I hadnt tried for the previous hour or so; a TR black powerbait 10" worm, very light bullet sinker, with a red bead before an owner #4 cover shot hook. Caught the 2.38lb fish first cast. Photos arent in order, the largest fish was second to last one I caught. I stayed within a 75 yard stretch and felt like I was chasing a school of fish. Lots of missed fish as I tried to set the hook in the dark, need to work on that.

The full moon helped and the wind died completely at sunset. Cold and no bugs. It sure turned around fast from what I thought was my first skunking in months. Not sure how many I caught but it was fast and furious most of the time from 6-930pm.

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