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Based on winds and advice from one of my sons decided to launch from Austin High boat ramp. Water stained, light wind. Went to South shore and headed East. Launched alone and in the dark at 7am. Started with a black spinnerbait and a small green pumpkin spinner bait. Not even a nibble. Then started throwing t-rig worm, got a bit and lost it. Same on a ned rig. An hour in landed a cutie pie T-rig. Switched the spinners to swim baits and no action on those. I approached Barton Creek noticed weeds everywhere, maybe its fan wort. Lots of snags and not sure how to fish it. Headed to the north bank and back towards the boat launch. Dropped a wacky rig in a gap in the weeds and bam it was on. Finally a nice fish, maybe 2.5#. See attached. Never got a pattern but caught 5 more for a total of 7. 3 on the dropshot 1 T-rig, 2 ned, 2 wacky rig. Still don't need a counter. Most were small, but a couple put up a fight. Fun morning, plus some slight ear damage as I got to hear the ACL mic check. Off at 11am.



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