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Was able to squeeze in a little mid week fishing. Launched from Red Bud Isle about 8:40am. 2 other kayakers launched about the same time. Light breeze from the S, water stained. Tried the frog and the spook, no luck. Had a black and blue ned rig tied on and noticed some rust around the keeper. Sure enough it got stuck on a lay down and broke right a the keeper, had not seen that before. Switched to a GP ned rig. Hooked 2 and landed 1 fun fish. Made the turn back up river on the east bank and got bit on weightless senko. No action on a whacky rig or a bang stick on a weedless swim jig. Started throwing a missile baits quiver on weedless EWG ned head. Hooked 2, landed 1 including the solid 3# below. Off at 11:40am.


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