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Launched at 5pm at redbud. Caught 5 decent fish on drop shot, a few other dinks. One of the 5 had eaten a lot for dinner!

Moved back towards ramp around sunset and caught a nice one under the trees. 3.5lbs

I was heading back to the launch when i saw a nice bass on the surface flee in about 3 ft of water, i had my headlamp on. Turned the kayak around and decided to throw the big t-rig worm out. A few casts later got a 4.1lber and then 3 more mid 3s in quick work. Tons of big fish on the graph. I would have stayed longer but my wife wouldnt have been happy if i rolled back home any later. Off at 840pm.

Water Sky Lake Gesture Bait
Water Vertebrate Lake Fishing net Watercourse
Fish Fin Tail Ray-finned fish Electric blue
Hand Reptile Organism Gesture Finger
Automotive lighting Water Cloud Fish Tints and shades
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