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LBL 10/13/08

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Fished from 4:30 - 7:00 pm, launched at stratford ln. in the bass buster, and fished from there to Red Bud. Boated 10 between the two of us and lost another 3, First fish of the day was a white bass or hybrid that weighed between 3-4 lbs. Fish came off at the boat on a jerk bait, and my friend and I both were amazed with the size. Unfortunately, it came off right at the boat, but at least we got to see it. Are there Hybrids in LBL? Caught 6 Guadalupes and 4 LM's ( all the guads were nice sized, while the LM's were all dinks). All fish caught on shakey head. Good times for sure. :cool:
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Is that an easy place to launch? I need a place to launch my 2-man somewhere closer to redbud. Is it public access?
It's great. They have lights on at night and security cameras as well I believe. It can be a little crowded on the weekends, but if you go during the week you should be no more than 50 yds. from the water when you park, if not closer. I'm not sure if it's public or if the kayak shop there is just really cool. Regardless, I've never had a problem gaining access there, and I've launched there 15 times or so. Good luck if you go. Lots of good water between there and Red Bud.
Is it just right there close to the Mopac bridge? Im looking on Google Earth.
It's on Stratford just west of Mopac. Take Barton Springs and it is either the first left if you're heading east or the last right before Mopac if you're heading west. It's called the Rowing Dock.
sounds like yall had fun out there T . i saw some one post a picture here of a white bass at three pounds caught at lbl. check out the white bass section. i bet it fought like hell.
You could say that. The rod bent over and then started peeling off line. I had the drag pretty tight so I thought to myself this could be a nice fish. Then it started coming to the surface so I put the rod down thinking it was going to jump and that's when it got off probably a foot under the surface. Smiled right at me. Couldn't believe it. looked like a white bass that swallowerd a couple footballs.
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