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Launched at 5PM and messed around throwing a frog for 45 minutes before finally getting a fish on it but it came off before I could land it. It looked around 3lbs.

Then started throwing the dropshot with dark green/brown roboworm and immediately started catching, good fish too. It died off around 6:45 and only got a few more bites around 7:15 but no hook up. I think I caught 8, lost a few more at boat. Biggest of night was 4.6lbs. I wasn't expecting much and it ended up being a really good trip. It rained right after launched for 5 minutes so it really turned around quick!

Didn't take photos/weigh everything because I was basically getting bit nonstop:
Water Bait Fisherman Lake Fish

Water Vertebrate Fisherman Fish Recreation

Water Water resources White Light Blue

Water Lake Boats and boating--Equipment and supplies Watercourse Outdoor recreation

Water Vertebrate Botany Body of water Fish

Caught one of the most beautiful bass I've seen, looks like a Florida bass. It was 2.07lbs.
Water Vertebrate Mobile phone Fisherman Lake
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