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My boat is still in the shop so I decided to take the kayak out to LBL this AM.  Launched by Austin High about 6:30 and started towards mouth of Barton Creek throwing a clear Sebile Ghost Walker.  Starter getting bites at the mouth of the creek, nothing big but was catching fish...this was the biggest on topwater 2-2 1/2 lbs.

Caught five total on topwater before the sun came up over the buildings downtown and the topwater bite quit.  Messed around just inside Barton Creek then headed for the bridges for some drop shotting.  Ended up catching 10 more, all on trophy hunter baby rattlesnakes on drop shot fishing the pilings under the Lamar bridge, the pedestrian bridge next to Lamar, and the railroad bridge, best bite being under the pedestrian bridge, and best bite on each bridge was on the deepest piling.  Again biggest fish on drop shot was 2 - 2 1/2 lbs.

Most fish caught around bridges were spotties around 14-15 inches and great looking specimens including this guy...

Pics arent't the best cause they were all taken with my cell phone.  Off the water by 12:30 and back to the house to get ready to watch the Texas game (take a nap).  No real big fish but still alot of fun to get the kayak wet and catch some fish!  

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