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A bit of struggle getting up and getting ready, launching at sub 50 degrees is not my favorite. Launched at 7:45 AM from the the Holiday Inn ramp. I spotted the hoopty, parked in the #1 spot and hoped it would be a good omen. Overcast, breezy and water had light stain to clear in spots. Started working some overhangs on the north bank with a frog and a shaky head, with no takers. No one was home in most of my usual spots. Got a little closer to Waller and threw a black ned rig close to bank and had a fish on. Just a small one but biggest of the day. Hooked another one from the same area but came off close to the yak. I was using a venom EWG ned head, not the first time a fish came off. Would not buy again.

Kept going to the Congress bridge but could not find a fish. Headed back on the south bank and picked up one on senko near some wood and one more on GP ned rig under the raised walkway. Also threw the fluke with no luck. A bit of a grind but nicer once the sun came up around 10am. Off at 11:30am.


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