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Rented yak at boat dock on LBL. Got on the water at 6:45am. Caught a 3lbs 17" right away on 8" zoom lizard pumpkin. Switched to a new bait for me, the h20 topwater, wanted to get some experience with it. No luck, but worked out some kinks and got familiar with it. Sharp little hooks must be watched at all times. Hopefully they are as good at hooking toads as they are everything else. :)

About 11am I caught a small ~10" further "up river" on a 1/4 booyah spinner chart/white. Good, healthy looking, feisty little fella. Got off the lake at 12pm.

Fun trip. Would rent the yak again. Nice to be able to get close and learn the lake better. No depth finder makes recon after hitting up an area important for next time. Some issues balancing and keeping everything secure made it interesting too.  
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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