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Fished the Big Sandy Creek Club T with Toby. Weather was overcast with scattered storms early, clearing late. Light NE to SE wind 5 mph. Water was clear to lightly stained, 66 to 68 degrees.

We started out in the dark (literally). Moved to a few docks and worked them with cranks, rigs; nothing doing. Saw plenty of baitfish and switched to weightless flukes. Moved down the docks and found that if there was deep water nearby, we could get bit. Caught 4 or 5, then moved off docks onto nearby points. Moved from deep to shallow picking off a couple of keepers and a few shorts. Finished with 8.75 and 7.5 for a team total of 16.25lbs. Missed out on 1st place by 1/2lb. Congrats to Rick & Mark!

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