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Arrived at McNair around 7:45 pm on Friday to register for Champs, drew 125 for myself and 127 for Dan, which tells me I really suck at drawing #'s. Headed over to The Honey Bee-ch Lodge in Sunrise Beach Village to meet up with the rest of the team, unpack and rig up for Sat.

The lodge is a really nice place and just minutes from McNair, I highly recommend staying there if you plan to lanch on that side of the lake. Just a few minutes after our arrival I start to rig up and proceed to tie a jig on one of my rods when I notice a slender figure unpacking her truck. She made several trips back and forth which made it really hard for me to concentrate on what I was doing, think I had to retie my palomar three times before I got it right! Anyway, my curiosity got the best of me so put the rest of the tackle away, grabbed a couple of refreshments and headed to the lodge's back yard for a closer inspection.

I was a bit disappointed at first, the chick was definitely hot but her daughter was in a wheelchair. I immediately thought to myself, Dude, you can't be checking out a chick when she's there with her kids and one of them is handicapped, that's just not right. But luckily right before I turn back her daughter miraculously jumps out of the chair and starts to run around! Turns out the chair belonged to her grandfather, tiime to pop one open and proceed with the closer inspection!

She was fishing off the bank and her two kids were playing in the area. I'd guess she was 5'7[ch8243], about 135 lbs and artificially enhanced with full C's or small D's. At one point early in the evening she bent over to mess with her bobber and I noticed she wasnt wearing any underwear. I consulted my teammates to make sure I wasn't imagining things and we all agreed, nada. This may sound creepy but I assure you unless you're blind or one half of a domestic partnership it's hard to miss 4 inches of crack when a hot chick is bending over. We all make small talk with her and throughout the course of the evening she probably bends over another dozen times and each time the crack seems to get bigger. At one point she bent over so far I thought her jeans were literally going to fall off. I could go on and about Fri's events but this is a fishing forum right? Long story short I (along with several other teammates) end up staying up till 2 am rigging up my rods and enjoying the company.

Now to the boring, I mean fishing part of my post. Since they were only allowing 25 boats to launch from McNair and the earliest you could launch was 4:30 we wake up at 3:30 and get ready to head to the park. We arrive around 4:15 and end up being boats 11, 12 and 13. With a draw like 125 we figured heading up the river was useless as our spots would have been covered by the time we got there so opted to fish the more open areas towards the dam. Aww screw it, who am I kidding? Who wants to read a detailed fishing report after reading about a well equipped stripper (we find out they were not paid for but I still don't buy it) teasing you with her goods until the early hours of the am? We end up sucking it up and coming in with a small limit going 9.36 lbs for 55th place. Caught our fish mainly rigging watermelon red flukes and watermenlon candy Baby Brush Hogs in 5-8' off rocky points and flats.

Usually I hate LBJ and I still do when it comes to fishing, but this trip wasn't so bad and I had a fun time out there for once, cheers!

By the way, I see there's a new moderator on ABF and he's pretty strict when it comes to putting posts in the appropriate sections. If this doesn't belong here please move or delete as necessary, thanks.

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Hmm... Right on the edge, but I guess I will let it stay this time. A little long winded with non-fishing related radar info. :cool:

I heard there was some of our local guys that did really well. Congrats to them.

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