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Put in at the dam at LBJ last night about 5pm. Fished in the cove just north of the power plant intake with no takers. Mostly paralleled the grass with a ribbit, but threw a crank, a tiki stick in the pads, and flipped a brush hog a bit. Fished the docks on the outside of lighthouse point with a crankbait, no takers. Moved back inside Horseshoe bay. Fished on the far right side to get away from all of the boat traffic going in and out. Threw the crank, the tiki stick, and the brush hog. I found a cove that had a tree branch out in about 3 ft of water. Flipped the senko in there, felt the tap, and set the hook into a monster fish that headed straight to deeper water. When it didn't ever make it to the top after the run, I knew it wasn't a bass. Turned out to be a buffalo, about 12 pounds. I did end up eventually catching two bass, one about 14" and the other much shorter. Caught one fish on the ribbit, one on the brush hog. Both fish were out in the pads. The pads aren't up thick yet like I like to fish them. I couldn't find any fish on the bank, only in the pads in 5 ft or so.
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