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Fished around granite shoals from 9:00-1:00 and ended up boating 7 with 3 of them being keepers.  Biggest was only 16".

I started at the docks in 5' of water, but wasn't getting any bites.  I finally found a pattern in 10' + of water with a watermelon/red fleck big bite stick bait around rocks and concrete walls. (texas rigged)  All of the fish were caught in the last two hours with this pattern.  Also missed several others.

It was the first time for me to fish big bite baits instead of senkos.  They seemed to work just fine and are $3 cheaper per pack and I think you also get more per pack.  They also seem to be able to catch more fish per bait.  Maybe the Senkos will start coming down on their price if more people bought these!

What is everyone's opinion of the big bites' vs senkos?  I'm not bashing senkos, just don't like paying the high price!
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