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Change my mind at the last minute and decided to fish LBJ instead of Fayette. It's only an hour from my house. Need to get ready for the BC tourney this spring, if I can fit it in.


0830 - 1730
Surface WT - 67
Wind - SSE 15 -20 (white caps most of the day)
Main Lake - Primary and secondary points, coves just off points

Manage to get 5 keepers by 1400 biggest at 3 lbs. An estimated 10 lb sack. I don't I would make it in the money today . Fished mostly northern points and sec points, coves just off the points. Rattle bait and big spinner baits was my primary lures. Caught about 10 fish total and last two good keepers near the boat. Fished where located off docks and feeding in the open areas. Did catch one keeper on med diving crankbait. I started fishing some of the ledges into 15-20 FOW and caught one. After awhile, I push to shallow bite.

Snagged a 20-30 lb Carp on the rattle bait...took me ten minutes to get her up. Hooked her in the fin, but she broke me off as I tried to get my lure. I lost two good rattle baits...that's money down the drain.

Second time to fish LBJ and I'm impressed with the size and the health of the fish. There is some grass in the shallow pocket coming into the coves. The fish were strong and smash these moving baits. Lots of baitfish swimming on the surface in the coves.

It was a good day...Enjoyed it. I might hit LBJ more often.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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