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LBJ 11-14

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Morning started slow but things picked up mid morning thru afternoon. Made a run thru the many, many brush piles, did I say brush piles, with not much luck so just went fishing. Spent most of the time in the river as the wind began to blow. Many nice bass to three pounds working shallow rocks with plastics and small jigs. Looks as if the cooler water (60 to 65 depending on what part of the lake) had the fish moving up shallow after the sun had a chance to warm the water around the rocks. Nothing around docks to speak of which is strange because LBJ is known for dock fishing.
Several other boats out as I think there was a small tournament going on that day. Don't know how their day went as I didn't have a chance to ask.
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There were two different club tournaments going on that day. Not sure what the other club was, but we were one of them (ATX Bassmasters). I do know that both club Ts were won with about 11lbs. Our club had a big fish of I believe 6.89lbs caught by Gary Brownell on a spinnerbait, and the other club had a big fish of only about 3.5lbs I think. Our tourney was won by Ed Mathews (Gary got 2nd). Not sure what Ed did to catch his fish. I managed to catch a very small limit weighing 6+lbs and ended up in 6th place. I caught all of my fish drop-shotting yammamoto / kinami cut-tail worms close to brush off docks in anywhere from 10-18ft of water.
Cool report! Thanks.
It is odd to hear most of your fish were caught in the late morn or afternoon because I caught my 3 keepers before ten in the morning. 2 on a spinnerbait and one on a blue fleck worm. All of mine were next to docks. I caught alot of small fish off of docks and should have left the area I was in but stuck with it all day. Catching the 6.89 lber on the fifth cast will do that to you. I would post a pic but not smart enough to figure it out.
Look at the power line. That fish was caught at Bastrop. Here's the real fish he caught.....

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That picture of the baby bass cracked me up! It's probably harder to catch one that size then a 6 pounder! Thanks for a good chuckle! :)
What we probably arent hearing is that Gary STILL outfished Mark with that little fish.
I still love that picture. It hangs on my wall in the man cave.
Gary, the main pattern I observed Sunday was that the fish seemed to be up shallow around grassy dock areas first thing in the morning and they were fairly aggressive. Later in the day, the bite was more on slightly deeper docks (brush helped) and they had to be coerced into biting a bit more... I caught my first keeper on a frog back in a pocket with tons of grass and docks first thing in the morning, and missed two big swirls on a fluke in the same area. Once the sun was up they vacated that area...
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